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display-both-1.jpgWhether you are interested in a dealer program for an individual shop or a large retail chain, Cape Cod Doormats offers dealer and starter programs that can be customized to meet any small, medium, mid-size or large retail requirement. At Cape Cod Doormats we are committed to providing our dealers with a highly profitable program, based on quality products, and top-level customer service.

Cape Cod Doormats are produced with our own custom made polypropylene cordage, which contains a UV additive to prevent fading and color bleed. We have deliberately maintained our rope manufacturing consistency so that our colors stay vibrant and constant for our discerning clients who expect uniformity and often have specific design requirements. Cape Cod Doormats of Distinction are made entirely in the U.S.A., from the raw materials to the end product. Cape Cod Doormats also offers a 5 year limited warranty on all of our doormats.

Cape Cod Doormats has the flexibility to ship any size order in a timely fashion to our retailers and consumers worldwide. We provide doormats to large retail stores, hotels, pool and patio shops and garden centers. We are also currently exporting to Europe, the Far East and the Caribbean.

Retail Shops

All of our dealers experience excellent local customer service combined with the benefits of a profitable dealer program. Cape Cod Doormat dealers have the benefit of generating high returns supported by our commitment to excellent customer service.


Volume Dealers

Cape Cod Doormats has the experience and ability to handle orders for high volume dealers. Cape Cod Doormats is equipped to create a successful partnership with large retailers while maintaining the high quality of our products. Volume dealers receive our most aggressive pricing structure. We also offer mass retailers the option of private labeling.

We understand that every new dealer situation is unique, and we are committed to working with all dealer inquiries to develop a suitable program. Please contact us to learn more.

Call us today at 1-800-882-1181 for our dealer options and pricing.

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